A video of your wedding day is an investment. It’s a way of making sure your big day is captured in glorious technicolour so that you can see the moments you weren’t present for, the moments you want to cherish forever, and the bits that make everyone laugh out loud and get emotional. Even budget wedding videography isn’t cheap, so here are our top 4 tips for choosing your wedding videographer:

Decide Your Budget

Wedding videography usually isn’t cheap, but the price can go up significantly depending on the credentials of the videography, how many videographers are required on the day (a surprising number of couples opt for 2 instead of 1), and how much post-processing and editing of the video is required, especially depending on the style of film you have gone for. If you are investing in a wedding film, remember that you want it to be something you can cherish forever, so it’s important that it is high quality.

Select Your Style

Basic videographers will provide a “point-and-shoot” service that will essentially document your day, but do little else. This is the most cost-effective option, but also usually produces a type of film that can look cheesy and un-choreographed. Do your research and interview/meet with a selection of videographers before deciding who to go with. Some will do a more quirky/unique film style, some will be more classic, and today some even do fun Marryokes!

See Samples

Ask to see edited and complete versions of more than one wedding video, so you know you aren’t just getting the highlight reel. Cuts should be smooth, editing should be seamless, and the overall video should tell a story of the couples’ wedding, with their personality shining through. Make sure and check that the audio quality is good too, lots of people forget that part!

Get Testimonials

Ask the videographer if they are happy to provide you with contact details of some couples they have done wedding films for. You are about to spend a significant amount of money on an important memento of your big day, which you’ll only have the chance to shoot once. It’s important that you know you are working with a professional, who communicates well, and will produce a quality film.